Vredus and Elke B. recorded their first track „Little Bear“ for the compilation „Spielkreis 01“ of the galerie berlintokyo in 1996.
The bandname is taken from an early song by Thomas Dolby with some cryptic lyrics.
In that time Commercial Breakup had their first gig which ran only one song.
In 1998 they released a rough version of „All I Love Is Green“ on the compilation „Spielkreis 03“.  
Another year later the Japanese label Motorway Records came out with the limited 7“ „Nothing But A Lie“.
In the meantime publisher Sempex Musikverlag worked out the first record-deal with the Hamburg-based record-label Ladomat.
They released a new version of „All I Love Is Green“ (which was produced with Armin von Milch) (video) as 7“ and 12“. Until 2001 the cd „Global Player“ (info by Erobique) and the singles „Walking Back Home“ (video) and „Bizarre Love Triangle“ (video) (which were both produced with MJ LAN) followed. „Bizarre Love Triangle“ sold several ten-thousands and remained for 8 weeks in the german single-charts.
The former duo Commercial Breakup became the live-band Commercial Breakup with musicians Deep Space Hein (Chips, Mina) and DJ Jack Tennis (Chips).
Later Elke spent time on working with her main project Paula and left Commercial Breakup.
Vredus continued working on new backing tracks. He worked as DJ and remixer and toured with bands Paincake and Blumfeld.
For the second Commercial Breakup-longplayer „Candied Radio“ (info by Hans Nieswandt) Vredus worked with singers Caro Garske, Soffy O., Selda Kaya and Julia Kliemann of Komeit. Beside the LP/CD „Candied Radio“ in 2004 the singles „Superman“ (video), „Holding On“ (video) and „My Garden“ has been released on Ladomat/Mute.
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